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Juliet! I REALLY need to read this today — I have been in this huffy mood all week and maybe longer, I love that quote. Thanks for this post!

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I really should have seen this coming. Over the years, as I‘d get to points in my life when I felt like something needed to change, one thing was always inevitable.

I’d change my hair.

It’s got to be a control thing. Or a boredom thing. But there are moments I just need things to be shook up, and since I can’t go shopping or redecorate or workout or, well, anything… I cut or color my hair into a new style. And trust me, people, I’ve had some doozies. In high school, if everyone had braids and big bangs, mine would be short with flat bangs. In college I had long hair, super short hair, long in the front and short in the back hair. Thankfully it was never short in the front and long in the back… I was saved from the party-time mullet. But oh, did I rock the flip.

Note to self: burn years worth of photos to save accidental humiliation.

So, when Susie called at 11:00 on Saturday night as she was getting things ready for Easter morning, I’m sure it didn’t shock her that I was just about to take a scissors to my hair. I just don’t think she was prepared for how much I was going to cut off. And in all honesty, 10 minutes earlier was the first time I even thought about cutting it shorter. I sort of go on impulse with this kind of thing.

When I said I was about to cut my long hair above my shoulders her first question was, “How much medication have you taken?”

You’d think that was a joke, but in my world it’s a legitimate question. I don’t think any of us want a repeat of my hair cutting while in an Ambien haze.

I reminded her that the doctor and I are trying other meds to knock me out since the Ambien never did help me sleep, but instead kept me from remembering what I did when I was awake. So now, even if I am up until all hours of the night, the next morning I am able to remember what I kept myself busy doing! Good timing, I suppose, as it will keep me from doodling on the lid of my new laptop. 🙂

Anyway, I told Suz that I was going to chop off my hair, but I was a little concerned because I didn’t have a certain style in mind… I was just going to start cutting and see what happened. Susie reassuringly reminded me that even if it turned out badly, it wasn’t like I was going anywhere people would see me. And with that, I chopped off four inches.

Peeps, do you remember those photos I would take of Riley’s piles of hair that were left after his haircuts? Mine was very similar, only brown and curly. But quantity-wise… holy cow. I cut, I layered, I chopped and I somehow ended up with a bit of an unintentional shag. But I think I kind of dig it. It’s definitely a change, and a change is definitely something I’ve been needing.

Now, before you all start complaining that you want to see a photo… I can’t do anything about that without the right computer software for my camera. *shrugs* Shucks. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

When Susie walked into my condo on Easter to drop off some food [she’s nice like that] one of the first things out of her mouth was, “You have got to get a computer … fast.”

She knows how I get when I’m antsy. I think she’s scared if it doesn’t come soon I’ll be rocking a mohawk.