Here’s how my blogging process has gone:

I lay on the couch thinking about blogging and decide, “I should do a Blog Peep Questions post. That wouldn’t be too hard.”

And then I sit up, look through some questions and try to figure out which ones to answer, get tired at the thought of it and lay back down.

The next day I repeat the process.

Today I said to myself, “Self, [yep, that’s what I called myself] you don’t have to answer a million questions in one post. Maybe just give them a question here and there to check in.”

WHAT A NOVEL IDEA!!!! I’m blaming the meds for it taking so long to realize that was a valid solution. Or maybe I really am just that slow… 🙂 Yeah, let’s blame the meds. Cool? Thanks.

blog peeps logo

We’ll start today with something simple:

If you could eliminate one candy bar from the world, what would you destroy?

Easiest question ever: Almond Joy candy bars could not be more disgusting. First… I can’t stand coconut. Add an almond to it and you’ve put me over the top. Not to mention they use dark chocolate and I prefer milk chocolate… so there’s not one single thing about the Almond Joy candy bar I enjoy.

And people, I’m on steroids. There is not a food out there that doesn’t sound good to me.

Now, despite the fact that no one asked me, I will tell you that I think the Whatchamacallit is the most under-rated candy bar out there. While it’s not my absolute favorite or anything, I don’t think it gets near enough exposure:

whatchamacallit (1)

You get chocolate, caramel and a nice crispy, crunchy texture. Trust me. Try one today. Twizzlers aren’t the only thing that makes mouths happy. 🙂

[Oh, and feel free to leave more questions in the comment section]