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Yes, I’m posting twice today.

Here’s the thing… The Pioneer Woman is having her 4th anniversary of blogging celebration this week. She is giving away Nikon cameras and Kitchen Aid mixers and iPads.

Yes, I’m entering for all of them.

But the truth of the matter is, I already won her greatest gift. She chose me to correspond with one of the older children that she has paid to sponsor through Compassion. I get to hear from Tsegaye and how he is doing in school and at home… I get to read his words as he now understands that God loves him and provides for him. He is grateful in his circumstances. I have learned so much from him.

When I look at the amazing work World Vision is doing, it makes me want to do more. It makes me want to post twice in one day so you can read these words from Matthew. Words that are hard to read, to apply to our own lives, to imagine a parent ever having to think.

But they do. They live in the world he describes, and we can help them replace these questions with life giving ones. Matthew had the suggestion that if you can’t afford to sponsor a child yourself, maybe you could sponsor with a group of friends. Maybe you can help a child and their family with extended members of your own family.

We’re asking you to read this. And think about it. And pray about it. Because their reality is something we can’t even imagine.

This is a picture of the slum in Santo Domingo.

The slum. Look at it. Smell it. Feel it. Can you taste it?

What would YOU do if you’d been born here? In the slum? In the Santo Domingo slum? What would you do?

Would you stay? Would you runaway? Would you have a choice to stay or runaway?

Would YOU know your father? Your mother? Would you trust your father or mother? Would you? COULD you?

Would you try to run away? Over and over again? Would you TRY to run away?

Would you knock your girlfriend up and then leave? Leave HER to raise your baby alone. Would you do that?

You wouldn’t do that, would you?

Would you sell drugs? Would you USE drugs? Would you use your children to sell drugs in hopes that it would buy YOU more drugs?

Would you find community in the company of gang members? Yep, I used the word “community.” Would gang members be your friends? Would violence define your relationships?

Would you use FEAR to get people to talk to you? To like you? To do things for you?

Would you sell your body?

Would YOU sell your body?

Would you sell YOUR body?

Would you sell YOUR child’s body? Would you? Would you have a choice?

What if your babies needed food?

Would you sell your child’s body?

What if your husband left you with six kids?

Would you sell your child’s body?

What if you had HIV and no way to get medication? Would…


Sell your child’s body?

Not for thrill. Not for extra cash. But to survive. Would YOU SELL YOUR CHILD’S BODY?

Would you lose everything in a flood? Would you return to the slum after the flood? What if you didn’t know any different? Would YOU return?

Again and again and again? Would you?


Would you save somebody if you could? Would YOU? Save somebody? Would you?

Poverty asks a lot of questions. Few answers.

How would YOU answer?

World Vision needs your help. Together we can stop poverty from asking the questions.Would you click this link to help?

Would YOU?


Have you guys been following Jessica’s and Matthew’s blogs this week? I have. And they have broken my heart over, and over, and over again.

In a good way.

In that way that makes me realize I have such first world problems. I’m struggling with how to maneuver my laptop on my bed so I can type with less pain. But to struggle with that, it means I have a home, electricity, a bed and a computer. I am so overwhelmingly blessed to have such problems. Jess and Matthew are in the Dominican Republic this week, blogging for World Vision, and I can feel in their words that they have been changed. I am so proud they are my friends and that they are so obedient to the urging in their hearts to look beyond themselves and serve.

As Jessica has said, she simply wants to teach their son Elias to love God and love people. She is absolutely teaching him by example this week.

I had a hard time choosing a post of theirs to put on here for you to read today, so when you finish, go click on their names at the top of this post and read all they have written. And let it break your heart so it has room to fit in the children of the Dominican Republic.

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A Mother’s Story

It is hard for me to know where to begin.

The impact World Vision has on communities is astounding.

They provide means of generating an income.

They provide medical care.

They provide educational opportunities.

They provide hope for the future.

They provide love.

I have so many stories to share, but as a mother, this is one that really struck me, and I feel lead to share it with you tonight.

World Vision helped to provide the materials necessary for a small community to build stable housing and sanitation facilities. They took extremely unsafe homes that were made of dilapidated boards and built new homes like this:

We were welcomed into one of these homes by a single-mother named Olga. She is the mother of seven children ranging from ages 4-21. Five of her children are sponsored through World Vision.

She has lived in the small community her whole life. She told us that before World Vision came, the community was like a garbage dump.

A garbage dump. 

Her family lived on the street.

But because of World Vision, she now lives in a safe, structurally sound home. She sells fruits and vegetables in a small stand on the side of the road to make an income and provide for her family.

Thanks to World Vision’s child sponsorship program, her children have access to medical care. She said that her daughter was once very sick, but because of World Vision, doctors were able to find the treatment she needed.
Can you imagine caring for seven children, while living on the street?

What would you do when it rained?

How would you feel safe?

Thankfully, Olga feels safe now. Her children are sheltered. They have access to medical care.

World Vision gave this mother and her children hope.

And hearing her story gave me hope too.

Will you give hope to a mother like Olga and sponsor a child through World Vision? Child sponsorship doesn’t stop with the child. Its impact spreads to families and communities. $35 a month is nothing to most Americans. I spend that on going out to lunch a few times a month. But that small amount can literally save a child – a family – from so much suffering.